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About UA 190

Welcome to UA Local 190

Working Harder for You

The professionals of U.A. Local 190 - Plumbers, Pipefitters, Service Technicians and Gas Distribution workers - have been serving the residential and business needs of Washtenaw County for over 100 years. We also install natural gas distribution pipelines throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Growing from an initial group of 15 members, U.A. Local 190 now has over 1,500 members and is affiliated with the international United Association and its 250,000 members.
Among our services to the community, we...
  • Build, repair and service plumbing systems from residential installations to clean piping systems in high-tech plants.
  • Build, repair and service key systems in energy and fuel generating and processing facilities.
  • Install, repair and service residential and business refrigeration and HVAC systems, including installation and calibration of electronic and fiber-optic controls, air and water balance, water chillers and compressor rebuilds.
  • Design, build, install and service high-purity process piping for high-tech facilities.
  • Install pipeline systems, including pumps and other installations.
  • Install, repair and service medical piping systems for hospitals and other health care facilities.
  • Operate a certified training program for Residential, Building Trades and Service Technicians.
We urge everyone to buy American and look for the union label!