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History of Local 190 Gas Distribution

1966 Local Union 346 had Gas Distribution in Michigan, 1967 - Business Manager of Local 346 Carl Bryer got the Michigan Distribution Contractors Association to sing and Mr. Bryer signed 25 Rig Welders that summer and was hoping to have 200 new welders by fall.

1968 – UA Local 190 Business Manager, Jack Wheatley got the Michigan Gas Distribution jurisdiction, all the Welders transferred over to Local 190 from Local 346, 190 started training more welders.

1968-1969 – Plastic pipe was introduced, things started changing; another classification was designed for members who put the plastic pipe together.

From this point on the Michigan Gas Distribution portion of Local 190 started growing at a rapid rate, from the Upper Peninsula to the bottom of the mitten.

UA Local 190 had jurisdiction of Northern Ohio for a short time; 1988 UA Local 577 took over the Gas Distribution for Ohio; 1998 UA Local 190 got the Ohio jurisdiction back and we put a full time Organizer on, we currently have jurisdiction for the entire state of Ohio.  We currently have 189 Ohio Gas Distribution members and is growing fast.

Later part of the 1970’s early 80’s the steel work in Gas Distribution started slowing down and more plastic pipe was being installed, by the middle 80’s UA Local 190 quit testing new welders, word was they were a dying trade will be all plastic pipe before it’s over but didn’t last long.

Mid 90’s - Work in Gas Distribution picked back up, went great for about 10 years then the middle of 2000 work started declining again. 

2008 – 80 fusers on the out of work list but the welder needs were growing at a rapid pace, did not have enough welders to go around.

2009 – UA Local 190 started training more welders, Local 190 moved to our new training center.  We have had ongoing downhill welding classes each year from January to February 40 hours per week training.  This was originally done in Lakeview, Michigan at Local 190 member, Rick Bucholtz home, was moved to our new training center in 2009. This was a more central location for Ohio and Michigan members, we also have a smaller home located on our training center property that accommodates 10 people, allows them to stay close without paying a motel fee.

With the increasing need of certified welders we installed large training booths at our training center to accommodate big bore pipe, Local 190 Gas Distribution Examining Board are our Instructors.

2011 – Big upswing in Pipe fusion Local 190 started training more fusers throughout 2014.  In 2014 Local 190 put on a full time Instructor for OQ evaluation and fusing qualifications, have been steady classes all year for both Michigan and Ohio.

2012 – Local 190 switched Contractors Associations from MITA to the DCA which has broadened our opportunities for work and has given us more contractors to work with.  Mr. Tom Gross and Dave Barnett from the United Association has been very helpful in this change.

In the past two years our Gas Distribution work has almost doubled due to the need for natural gas which is huge for UA Local 190 both in Michigan and Ohio.

We currently have (11) eleven Michigan contractors and nine (9) Ohio contractors.

The work load for our two main Gas Companies has increased greatly and the demand for qualified people is increasing which with our Local’s training will make us the best choice for the job.

Our Local members have a great working relationship with the Gas companies.  We have the Gas companies come to our Training facility to see our training procedures which makes it easier for a contractor to get a man qualified for the Gas companies.

UA Local 190 membership has grown in the Gas Distribution side from last fall totaling 485 members and is increasing monthly.

UA Local 190 currently has a full time Michigan Distribution agent, Mark McMillen, a full time Ohio Distribution agent, Tom Wilcox along with a full time OQ Evaluator, Roy Musgrove.